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Playing The Lottery As A Group Is An Amusing Method To Share The Thrill With Friends – And Increase Your Own Probability Of Winning.

Published on August 2, 2011 By Casino Guru

The arrangers of the UK National Lotto and Euro Millions lottery admit that twenty five percent of jackpots are won by lottery syndicates. The usual syndicate is usually made up of by a group of family members or work colleagues who bring together their funds each week and purchase a number of lottery tickets together. […]

Playing Lottery Online Profitably Does Not Always Depend Only On Luck

Published on July 28, 2011 By Casino Guru

Playing lottery online and winning could seem like a matter of chance to a great majority of people. Whilst the argument is not without its own reason, ordinary online lottery contestants will vouch for the fact that there are particular strategies which when applied correctly can enhance the possibility of winning. Playing lottery online effectively […]