Using The Martingale Roulette System

Author: Dora Davies

People who frequent the casinos are sometimes not there to only have fun. There is always the desire to win in the long run. This is intensified if one experiences loss after loss, which naturally involves money.

With the goal of winning in mind, various strategies have been studied, introduced and continually advocated by casino lovers. A very popular one is the Martingale roulette system for making the bets on the little wheel.

The history of Martingale goes back to as early as the 18th century in France. It was originally a term used in reference to a group of strategies for betting that were very popular in those days. The main games these strategies were initially developed for were the ones that involved winning for heads up and losing for tails up when playing with coins.

The basics of the martingale system revolve around the goal of making a profit in the long run. Basically, the person makes a double bet after a loss. The main purpose of this is to gain back what was lost in the previous round.

In roulette the best types of bets to use with the Martingale roulette system are outside bets such as red or black, odd or even and the high or low bet.

There are two very simple requirements for the Martingale roulette system to work. One of the requirements is a large wealth source. With enough resources, it is possible to continuously play round after round until the probability of hitting the bet comes around.

The other requirement is a high enough betting cap which is set by casinos. A low cap can be highly limiting on the possible rounds an individual can play. Once one hits the limit, the possibility of winning is lost. The usual limits range around five hundred to one thousand dollars on the regular five dollar betting tables.

The effectiveness of this betting system depends greatly on these two considerations. There is a need for the presence of large enough resources to support the continuous betting and a large enough cap limit that the casinos normally set up to maintain its own longevity as well. The other factors such as the initial debt also play significant roles in determining the chances of winning.

Unfortunately those who strive to win and are employing this strategy end up losing more in the long run. Another thing about this betting system is that it actually works for a shorter period of time than expected. There is a great tendency that as the number of games one loses continuously grows larger, one also gets more broke and is unable to double the next bet at hand.

Employing the Martingale roulette system when betting certainly has its set of pros and cons. There are possibilities of winning and chances of losing it all as well.

Such is the main principle of gambling. It works no matter what type of game is being played, how high the risks are or what strategies are made to work per game or in the whole casino endeavor.

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