Secrets of The Lucky Gambler

Author: Mike Sean

Online gambling whether landbased or at online casino is a game of numbers, whether its the roulette wheel, poker or blackjack. The experienced online gamblers chooses his wages on understanding of the game odds. With this knowledge as your ally, you can make smarter choices at betting table and perhaps turn this recreational activity to a profitable hobby.

When it comes to online casinos, one would always see to it that they spend quality time and get their money’s worth. Online gamblers would always want to get the best deal they can obtain from online casino sites.

Online casinos use all sort of psychological tricks putting the thought of winning and table games into your mind, making you think you can win at the table games. The truth is that each of us has a really small chance of leaving a millionaire but this does not translate into the idea that you cannot go home with a profit on the money you came with. For this, you need to be smarter and not fall for those online casino tricks.

Lots of novice player who played at online casinos without knowing the basics of the games they are going to play. Knowing the rules of a game, the bets and your skill, you can make and their payouts you will instantly win an edge over the casino gambling odds.
After that, if you continue studying, practicing and learning about the game you will increase your skills and once again you will observe that your casino gambling probability will have increased.

Online Roulette

  • Bet only in one color and stick with your numbers during the whole online casino session.
  • If you win, stick with the number you originally bet on.

Online Video Poker

  • Don’t automatically hit the maximum coin button. Sometimes when the maximum bet on a video poker machine was five coins. Some of the newer machines have a maximum bet of 90 coins. You should check the help screen before hitting the max button so that you are certain what the maximum bet is.

Online Slots

  • Set a minimum bet in every game. After a win, bet only half of the pot you put in the previous round. When you lose, go back to your least bet. This is often regarded as progressive betting. Use it rather than straight betting.

Online Blackjack

  • Stick to your own strategy. There is no such thing as the greatest strategy but there are proven ones. Organize all known gaming strategies and select the one that is effective and works for you.

Always check the odds. Choose a betting game that has 3% or less online casino advantage. Watch the trend be attentive to your winning and losing trend. Get the probability and ratio of your winnings and losing. If you think that you are on the brink of losing, then don’t bet.

Keep in mind that winning doesn’t mean you have to win a bet every time. What matters most are your total net profit earnings.

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