Roulette Tactics – The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli roulette strategy is a well-known and popular strategy that roulette players use to increase the chances of winning. You’ll often find the Paroli system by another name – the Positive progression system. This technique is more or less opposite to the Martingale Roulette method when it comes to basic principles. Using the Paroli roulette strategy, you start off with an initial wager which you double when win, unlike the Martingale which doubles on a loss. In theory it should be less risky than other systems, especially when you playing online roulette.

Any regular roulette player will probably know all about the even money bets. These even money bets are the ones which divide the outcome into two parts such red/black, odd/even or high low. The odds in even money bets are always higher. Paroli requires that you start with even money bets in order to increase your chances of that initial win. In order to increase the chances further, you should always play at European wheels which have a single zero. If you’re using the Paroli system, you should start with a very small stake. Let us guess that your initial stake is 1 dollar and you’re simply betting on even numbers. The overall game starts and the dealer spins the wheel. The ball lands on an even number slot and gives you an initial win. Using Paroli your following bet is going to be double, so the stake will be $2. If you win the following round then you’ll need to bet $4 on the next one. You have to keep doubling your stake with every win you make. However, when you will lose, reverse back to the initial amount of bet and start again. There is a very important point to remember about Paroli, you must have a plan on when to finish. Perhaps you can choose that if you win three times then you will stop. If you choose this, you must stick to it – three spins means the end don’t try for a 4th. Either finish playing completely or just switch back to the initial stake. It’s essential to Paroli that you maintain and stick to any plan devised beforehand.

One of the big advantages of the Paroli system is that you don’t need a huge bankroll to play it. It certainly can be way to minimize your losses certainly. The negative side is more on human behavior. Players do not intend to stop when they start to win in a row. It is essential in following this system that you stick to your plan. Do not make any decision on the table. To be successul with Paroli, you must plan your game before hand and follow the plan. I’d suggest only using this system either at a real casino or at one of the few Live roulette websites that are becoming increasingly common.

Remember that Paroli does not alter the odds of the game in any way. There is no such thing as a guaranteed roulette system. Paroli is however an extremely methodical way of playing roulette. It is a system that helps you play rationally rather than emotionally. The best roulette players are all rational players. Create a strategy in accordance to the Paroli roulette system and see how far your luck can take you. Never get carried away with any system though as they don’t guarantee anything, whether you play online roulette or in a real casino use these systems carefully and gamble responsibly.

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