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Winning Roulette System Concept or Let’s Share Online Casinos Money

Let start this article with the short results from the investigation of online roulette systems market.
So just open google and type there the next keywords “roulette system” and you will receive a lot of results. Any player pay attention only to first 1-3 pages and from them he decide what to buy and play.

Here can be found different types of systems starting from free roulette systems and ending with some expensive roulette systems.

The question is why somebody sale a winning roulette system if it can win several millions?
Ok I have the answer!

No one from these roulette system win consistently and all is related only to luck.

Be careful if somebody sale roulette tools because we can understand such sellers.

The goal of any roulette tool is to allow the player to implement his own betting strategies and all will depend on the implemented strategies because the goal of each roulette tools is to follow line by line the player’s roulette system code.

But let go back to the goal of this article and to answer how should look a winning roulette system and how should look a community that make profit from online roulette.

First of all I think can be very dangerous to advertise such roulette system or community because casinos will be able to found them very easy.
I think this can be done later only after the player will join this community and he will be verified.

How should look a winning roulette system?
I think it should be very easy to use and finally to have only one button called “Start” or “Make Money For Me”


First of all because it is a winning roulette system and the player usually may not have any skills to control it.

I think in this case such system should be controlled remotely by several servers and on the other side to have a control point and several operators that will control whole player game and the most important to guarantee winnings.

How much should cost such system?

I think all should be based on share revenue.

Please give me an example:

So let say you have such system and won 100$. I think in such case some % should go to the winning system creator.

I can say that revenue share can differ and usually start from 75% and end with 25% and this always will depend on the player status and on the roulette table the player will use.

So if you won 100$ and you are on the 50% plan then you should pay 50$ as tax to roulette system creator.

Will be corrected if such system will have one fixed price let say 100$.

I think not because will not be correct if you will pay 100$ and the system will make for you 10 000$.

Finally nobody will sale something that can make money on a fixed price.

I think in this case the solution is to ask % from the winnings.

So how this process can be controlled and how all this finally works.

Let me explain this considering that player is on 50% plan.

1.The player join network.
2.The player want to make 100$
3.The player pay in advance 50$
4.The system make for player 100$
5.In this case the player real profit will be 50$. So both made 50$. I mean player and roulette system provider.

How to be if the player want to make 1000$?

In this case the player should buy 2000$ package! MORE ABOUT THIS READ IN OTHER OUR


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