Roulette Scripter Studio – The Most Advanced Auto Play Roulette Tool

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Which roulette tool can be considered as advanced and which can’t?

So I think any advanced roulette tool should have next features: possibility to play any type of strategies based on all roulette elements, possibility to use any type of progressions including dynamic progression, possibility to create, save and load other strategies and the most important is that it should be an auto play tool.

What I mean by auto play tool?

You only enter your strategy and click run and the software do all for you.

Here I also mean it will follow line by line all was written into your strategy.

How this finally will work?

So you start the software, load a roulette script that represent the roulette strategy you want to play and click run.

After this all you should do is to watch how RSS play online roulette using your strategy.

Also I want to tell you that this software is like a music player which load a song and play it but for online roulette.

So in order to play a roulette strategy we use here two elements: this roulette tool and your roulette strategy.

By roulette strategy I mean here your roulette script. The roulette script you will play can be created by you or you can use any of our available roulette script shared by any of our members.

In case if you have a ready script then all is easy because all you should do is to load and run it.

When can I play?

Using Roulette Scripter Studio you can play in more than 100 online casinos. At this time Roulette Scripter Studio (RSS) support any of the casinos based on Playtech platform also it can support and Real Time Gaming (RTG) platform.

For the future we have in development Microgaming Platform and Live Roulette Dealer.

Finally all will end with a big Package that will include scripting functionality for any of the casinos based on these platforms.

Can RSS be adapted for an online casino that is built on a platform different than these specified above?

Yes we can adapt it for you in case you will pay for this or in case we will see that exist at least 10 potential customers interested in this.

I described shortly what can do RSS but I also want to tell you that we have another software called Roulette Scripter Studio Pro that is a big brother of RSS and it has all has RSS and a bit more.

So RSS Pro can also build a user friendly interface for your own roulette system.

In case you have a simple roulette system then RSS is enough for this but let suppose you have a very complex roulette system that beside of playing your strategy should also provide you real time with the games variables like current balance and the status of each spin. In this case the best solution for you will be only RSS Pro even if RSS also can do that via it console.

I know most of you don’t know scripting but this is not a problem because our tutorial will help you to learn how to make your own script and if you don’t want to learn how to do this then our professional coders will write it for you.

So all is simply and if you still didn’t find a tool will suit the best your needs but you have in mind a good roulette strategy then contact us and we will provide you with these advanced roulette tools also will write for you your own roulette strategy.

In order to find more info about these advanced roulette tools please search in Google for Money Maker Machine Products or Roulette Scripter Studio also you can see on You Tube some of the videos related to Roulette Scripter Studio made by some of our community members. Also you can contact us for more info.

All I can do now is to recommend using them and you for sure will be the next winner.

Just join us and you will see all this live. For more information visit the official Money Maker Machine website!

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