Roulette Odds From the Two Versions

Roulette has easy to understand and very straight forward odds as compared to the other casino games like blackjack, video poker and craps among others. The other games have a certain odds variation that drastically changes and therefore brings in certain complexities while the roulette odds are pegged on only two versions of the game and each bet has actually similar odds.

The 1st odds- the American roulette

With the American roulette the betting options are three; the actual single number, colors or group of numbers but even with all this option the house edge is a singular 5.26 whether you bet on color or any of the other two options. If for instance you bet on black color or even red, there are 18 red, 18 black and 2 green, if you were to bet on one, that is 18 chance in a cumulative 38, your winning chances are 47.23 percent and hence 52. 77 percent will be your losing chances. A subtraction of the two will give you 5.26 percent house edge for any selected option. The same applies for single number and groups of numbers.

The 2nd odds-the European roulette

The house edge for the European or French roulette is 2.7 percent and just like its American counterpart, this odd does not change. In fact because the French roulette has a single zero and not double as the American roulette, the odds are even better. When you do the calculations as done before, the odds will remain fixed and similar, only the house edge creates a difference.

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