Many Players, Many Systems

There might be as many different roulette systems as there are roulette players, but most of those systems are just variations of some common (and ancient) systems. The classic systems for playing roulette all have one thing in common though; they do not change the house edge or the odds in any way.

That being said, no betting system for the game of roulette will reduce your chances of winning either, so there is no real reason not to use one of those systems.

Here we are going to discuss a few basic tips for roulette. Nothing here is going to help you win, but it may stop you from making silly mistakes.

1. Always set yourself up with a stop loss and profit target before you play and STICK TO IT. The stop loss is the amount that you’re prepared to lose, for example 100 units and the profit target speaks for itself. When you’re on a winning run it’s easy to think that you’re unbeatable, but it’s always best to get out while you’re ahead.

2. Following on from the tip above, accept the fact that it’s impossible to win on every spin and take each loss on the chin. It’s easy to start losing your cool and chasing losses but this usually leads to disaster.

3. If you are playing roulette online then you will probably find it easier if you don’t accept any casino bonuses or anything like that. This is because they have wagering requirements and wagering on roulette doesn’t count towards them. All you need to do is contact the casino support team and tell them you don’t want any bonuses, this will allow you to play roulette and withdraw with no problems.

4. Always play the French version of the game is possible or the European game. You should avoid the American game due to the “00” which increase the house edge.

5. Don’t play roulette after you’ve had a bad day, you’re more likely to lose your cool. You should always play roulette with a calm and cool head which will allow you to make more rational decisions and will be less likely to lose control.

Ok, so you’ve tried a few roulette systems and you found out how to lose money quickly! Let’s turn the situation around and start making money instead, and show you how to win at roulette and beat the casino. This is where you will find your winning Roulette System and how to make money online.

The steps we show here are so simple, you can easily learn how to play even if you have never played Roulette before. You can even try the systems before placing any real money down!

The systems we show are based upon online European Roulette. The important rule to making money is to stick to the rules. As long as you stick to the rules, you will turn this into an occupation, rather than a hobby. Visit the Sure Win page to check out the latest winning system.

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After many years of experience in roulette research and development, we’ve learned a way around casino’s better odds.

The system is easy to understand and use. It is 100% human controlled, no software involved. It only takes a few minutes before you can start!

You need 600 betting units to start. It can make a profit of
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