American Versus European Roulette

Author: Gregory Clear

Differentiating American and European Online Roulette

Summary: This is an article that looks at some of the differences that have been identified for online roulette in the face of the European and American versions. The aim of the piece is to highlight the differences as well as the similarities in order to build the general understanding of the game protocols.

Understanding the different dynamics of online roulette

Playing online roulette requires that the players understand the basic differences in the European and American versions of the game. The European version of the game has one zero unlike the American version that also has a double zero. This means that the house edge is higher in the American version of the game. The specific figures for European roulette are 2.7% house advantage as compared to the best online roulette for American versions where the house advantage is 5.26%.

The European version of the game allows for the en prison rule. When learning how to play roulette it is important to understand the fundamental dynamic of this rule. When the zero is up then the player has the option to surrender a half of their outside wagers or to leave them for the game that will be following. After using this technique the house advantage falls down to 1.352%. Those people that play roulette online will understand the importance of the differences in this house edge rule.

The online casino will try to give players a full view of the different playing methods so that they can select the ones that are best suited for their objectives in the game. The use of the chips will also be an important factor in the way that the game is configured. The American version of the game gives the players a stack of coloured chips. With the European version the chips are the same colour so that memory takes on a new impetus.

The possibilities of playing online poker are often associated with the casinos in general. Therefore the knowledge that is learnt from one section can be used in other sections in order to bring balance to the proceedings. It might also be the best way of ensuring that the program that is proposed by the players fits in with all the expectations that the players have. These tricks and tactics for playing the game can change from time to time. It is up to the player to select the best methods of dealing with the objectives.

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