Why Online Casinos Leave The Land Casinos Behind

Author: Scott Storick

Playing online provides a considerably better chance for a player who is new to casino   gaming to discover what their favourite game will be and how to get to get to grips with it as a real money setting.

It is a well known fact that learning to play any game in a land casino setting can be both expensive and painful. Scenarios can develop very rapidly, and a player who does not have the experience to keep their cool and walk away from the table or the slot machine can need up losing a reasonable amount of money, usually more than they can afford. That loss will inevitably put a load of pressure on the player to recover it, and a lot of the entertainment of wagering will have gone, possibly never to recover. Players who are “chasing losses” can be pretty miserable and could put an entire new slant on how they play in the future.

Walking away from a casino table or slot is not as straightforward as it sounds, because the croupiers always control the speed of the game, and a player who has hit a bad run will find it almost impossible to turn away, thinking that the next spin or turn of the card will mark the beginning of their recovery.

This is why online casinos leave land casinos behind when it comes down to players who are lacking experience and are inclined to lose their heads in a pressure situation. Add that to the convenience, comfort and security of playing in their own home, means that a player who feels that a particular session is slipping away from them can stop the game, take a few deep breaths, walk away and start again later. Not only that, but the internet software will allow them to check back over the history of the hands that played, or the dice they threw and see evaluate the mistakes that they made.

This kind of scenario can never take place in a land casino, where a tremendous amount of player can find themselves broke and wondering how they managed to lose all of their money so quickly, when they were winning it so slowly. Thanks to the people behind the internet gaming revolution, it is now possible for players who want to learn to play a particular game or games, to do so without it costing them any pain. It is an almost universal online casino policy, to allow players to join and play as a guest, and to never apply any pressure or time limits nor offer any special incentives to switch from a guest player status to become a real money player.

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