Ways To Find The Best Online Slots

Discovering the best online slots is not always easy. The best online slots will often not be the games which appeal to your preference .

For instance for this writer the best online slot game in terms of paying back happens to be a theme aimed towards females called Ladies Night. The point being that just because you like playing games which are for instance, sport orientated, doesn’t mean that those slots are the ones which will provide the best return on the time spent . You may be asking yourself but how can I know which are the best slots to be playing on line? To locate the better slot games inside a casino there are some ways which are less costly than others . However it certainly isn’t an exact science regardless of which way you go about it.

Smart casinos list the names of recent winners and the games they won on . In most cases along with the initials of the winner they will have the game which the money was won playing .

slot machines vary on line for the same reason a bait and switch conman uses such tactic , because it results in more profit.

The obvious means of determining which slots are best is to simply test them all . However this isn’t financially possible for many people. While it might seem obvious, it is worth mentioning that you should keep looking for a game that treats you well instead of just dumping more and more money into the same machine .

It is a known fact that many Vegas casinos have their high roller machines set to pay back better, the same may be true for your online slot games so be watching to see if that is your experience and use the information to your advantage. A good example of this would be this writer’s experience in an online casino which has slot tournaments . The contest is designed to be on a timer therefore forcing you to play at the highest level of credit values (if you want to have a chance at winning). While playing at the highest levels, I have hit their random jackpot more than a handful of times but when under regular casino conditions and betting at smaller numbers I have only hit a single time. This tells me that while the casinos may claim the payouts are the same, the proof says differently . However that said, in the world of gambling it could be just coincidence because the numbers would need be much bigger for an accurate assessment.

What is most important to take away from this article is not to keep playing a slot machine which is being cold .

Walk away when you’re not seeing some love because even though it may be a good money return on most days, this one it isn’t being one of your best online slots. Also remember that sometimes just an act as simple as changing to a different casino offering the same games, you can play your favorite there and your luck may be completely different.

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