The National Lottery Presents A Lot Of Thrilling Games For Citizens To Play.

The National Lottery is the United Kingdom’s biggest lottery. It is operated by the Camelot Group and is regulated by The National Lottery Commission. The National Lottery can be played by UK citizens who are at least 16 years of age. In comparison with lotteries in the US, all National Lottery rewards are paid as a lump sum and are free of taxes. Winning tickets must claimed during 180 days or the money is forfeited. Like most of US states, most of the money earned at the lottery is given back to benefit the citizens.

The National Lottery offers many thrilling games for citizens to play, including Lotto, Thunderball, Dream Number, and numerous more. The most popular and the longest running National Lottery game is Lotto. All you need to play Lotto is to simply draw six numbers from a set of 49 as well as a bonus ball. You are able to win prizes for matching at least three of the six numbers drawn and the prize becomes higher as the number of matches increases. The bonus ball only counted if a player matches at least five of the six numbers. Anybody who matches all six numbers drawn becomes a winner of the jackpot. If noone wins, the jackpot rolls over, and this continues 3 consecutive times. Lotto only costs 1 pence to play and the results are announced on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Lotto has been in the gaming business since decades and provides fun games to the folks all over the globe. You have got a chance to win not in thousands but in millions. The latest grand game in the lottery world, lotto is just like any other traditional lottery game but varies in the methods that it comes in with a huge prize amount -a guaranteed jackpot to the winner

Huge number of people in the United Kingdom play the UK National lotto every week dreaming that they might win that life might therefore suppose that these persons would be anxious to check their tickets as soon as the draw has finished to see if they have finally become millionaires . You may then be somewhat shocked once I tell you that a substantial quantity of prize money never gets declared.

The UK National Lottery is normally sitting on huge quantities of lottery cash that are just waiting to be claimed. If you have gone to the effort to purchase a ticket for the UK National lotto, make sure you remember to check your ticket numbers immediately after the draw finished. If you have won a prize, claim it as quickly as possible because the UK lottery rules state that any prize that has not been declared within six months will no longer be billed.
The key reason given by lotto players as to why they do not claim their lotto wins is because some of them might have lost their tickets.

So if you are keen on testing your fortune, register yourself and take part in the Gold game .

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