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We offer access to our betting news from Tennis, Football and MotorSport. Best Match Previews are posted all day long as we find something important. This is how we bring you the Best Game Previews.

The website is divided into five big categories:

– Tennis News ->We have a big database of news websites from almost all the countries in the world, player blogs and twitter pages. What we will do is going through them and translate the news we find important for betting purposes and post them all here. So you don’t have to search for it all over the web/forums and other related webpages.

– Football News -> It’s kind of the same thing as for tennis, but we will concentrate mainly on championships where information is hard to find. We don’t want to start with championships like England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, we will cover championships like: Romania, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland. Of course other championships will follow, but for starters we will focus on those and depending on the time we have left we will cover others.

– Formula 1 ->This will be done by yours truly, of course. I have always been interested in this sport and as you may have seen, the picks I have given you had the best yield from all sports; moreover I think I succeeded in covering most of the championship last year. Also, we are taking into consideration adding Moto GP here because a member of the team is following closely that championship and he is also a Motorbike fan in real life.

We know that you see on every gambling news website stories about being a group of proffesional bettors and how they promise you the moon and the stars. Here, things will be a little different. The main idea of the website is to bring to you Best Match Previews taken from various sources that we found valuable over the years. This helps you with the first step of finding the infos about the bets you will make – searching every website for the best stuff and so on. We will do that for you instead. My friends and I scout the web for information and in form tipsters bringing you everything in one place.

There will still be a small picks section, but the acces will be limited to 15 members (old members will have priority here). The picks will be from Formula 1, Moto GP, International Football. I decided to do this after I talked with some old members. You have seen that Formula 1 brought the highest profits last year and it is also the sport that generated constant profit every race . the package will also include Moto GP picks (given by our new member – Dbl) and Romanian football picks given by me. Don’t forget we will also give news from Romanian championship. The picks will be given to the 15 members mentioned above. Why so few? Because you know these sports have high volatility with odds and when 40-50 people place the bets on an outcome the bets get removed or get their odds slashed by many ticks. It is known that the punter has a bigger edge as it is not a sport of interest and mistakes made by bookies with odds or spreads are commonly seen. The package will cost the same 50 Euro/Month and as said before it will contain:

Picks from Romanian championships (A or B series and cup matches, also European cups and National team matches)
Picks from Formula 1 every two weekends*
Picks from Moto GP every two weekends*

Learn more about it on our website:

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