Online Poker Strategy – How to Gauge Your Opponents in a No Limit Texas Holdem

Author: Dennise Adams

We want to share with you some online poker strategies, specifically focusing on No Limit Texas Holdem. It is important to have an online poker strategy in No Limit Texas Holdem involving a general strategy with intense psychological planning.

Let’s focus first on the No Limit Holdem general online poker strategy. You need to know first the answers to two questions when you enter a No Limit game. First, what type of poker gamblers are your opponents? Second question you must find the answer to is how many hands are done in a poker showdown?

Online Poker Strategy No Limit Holdem: Types of Competitors

There are 4 kinds of players in No Limit Holdem. There is a tight-passive, the loose passive, the tight aggressive and your loose aggressive poker player. When one says tight or loose, it basically describes a gambler changing hands often or not. The descriptor passive or aggressive pertains to a poker player’s style of betting.

For No Limit Holdem online poker strategy, the loose aggressive is further split into 2 kinds – the solid player and the crazy maniacs. Here is a rundown of the players:

The Tight Passive is a gambler who’s forte is a fixed limit game. When it comes to No Limit Holdem, a tight passive gambler will not win much cash. The reason is due to these players not getting the full value of their winning hands. So when you encounter a player who is tight passive (meaning the player does not change hands often and bets low) this is what you should do…

A. Bluff often. Put down the pot on the flop.

B. When you see them represent a hand, you should fold. If you see them bet a little, it will usually mean they have weak cards/hand. Stick to playing your cards if you have a decent hand. A tight passive will bet a lot if they have a good hand.

C. Make the most of your hand when you are in control but do not bluff radically. Fold preflop if you have bad hands. If you choose a flop bluff, hesitate before you make another bluff on turn.

The Loose Passive is a type of player who likes it when people bluff continuously so that they can call that bluff and win with the 2nd best hand. A game plan of winning on 2nd best hand is disastrous for players of a no limit poker game. Money will quickly disappear. If you encounter a loose passive, just make good, average-sized bets on every good hand you have.

The Manic Loose Aggressive would be the player who gets a fair share of the pot money. However, these players trap themselves often and lose their stack in just a hand or 2. This types of player is rare.

Strong loose aggressive players are very dangerous poker players because they may lose lots of cash in pots but they buy a lot of pots and win bigtime. The best no limit holdem poker player use this style.

Read your opponent and make good timed wagers. A great way to defeat a strong loose aggressive is to beat them down in just one big pot.

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