Learn The Blackjack Betting Strategies

Author: Jeffrey Baker

We should find the best betting strategies, if we need to succeed in blackjack casino game. We should not enter into casinos, if we are not aware of basic betting strategy thoroughly. There is a simple betting system which can work well for beginners. Blackjack casino game, when played using basic strategy, we can get a great advantage of the house. If is not a game of chance, but can be close enough for the basic purpose.

When we get 2 hands of blackjack, in average, we shall win and lose one and we can play even with the house. On the long haul, we shall lose since the house will have a slightly higher advantage. So, the trick to beat them is managing our bets in a way that we can play even with the house or get slightly worse when we come out ahead still. We say we are playing with a minimum 10 USD table. When we start betting the double, we get minimum and we shall see it shortly. If we bet for 20 USD and if we win the bet, we shall drop to a lower value of 10 USD minimum.

The reason for that is very simple. According to average law, we cannot expect winning hands on row. We shall expect it but we shall win it. By dropping to 10 USD on next bet and if we lose, we shall take a look of what happened. If we won on first hand and lose with 2nd hand, we shall play house even and we shall walk away with profit of 10 USD. It is just basic mathematics and we can win using such simple strategies. If we don’t lose the 2nd hand, we shall get right back for betting towards 20 USD and start the progression again.

If we win in 2nd hand actually, we shall make our next bet as 15 USD. If we do not want to pay against the house with 3 hands, we shall win 2 of them and have 10 USD for showing to it. By just betting 15 USD, we shall show a profit of 15 USD for two wins or 7.5 USD for every victory. It is a very good betting system since it is called and it goes similar to the sequence as follows, 20USD, 10 USD, 15 USD, 20 USD, 25 USD, 30 USD, 35 USD etc. This type of betting is called regression betting system. We can continue with this above betting pattern till we lose. If we lose, we can start back from 20 USD. This article is brought to you by NoLuckNeeded.com. Your source for the no deposit casino bonus

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