Choosing An Online / Mobile Casino : A Short Guide For Newbies

Since the internet boom took off over 15 years ago, one industry that has continuously increased in popularity because of it is gambling. Online casinos are big business and with the popularity of internet gambling nearly doubling every year since 1997 and the industry predicted to be worth well over US$6 billion by the year 2012. A recent survey carried out in the UK suggests that as much as 10% of the adult population have taken part in some sort of remote gambling in the previous month (February 2009).

Gambling has become much more accessible and also acceptable because of this popularity increase, though there are still a few reasons why some people have yet to give it a go. Probably the most common reason for not taking the plunge amongst people willing to try online gambling is that finding a reputable, trustworthy, well organized and fair online casino can be more difficult than it may sound. There are so many online casinos nowadays, where do you start?

So, how do you choose an online casino to sign up with? Well, you could base your decision on the number of specific games a particular operator offers, or you could put it down to whether you receive free sign-up credit. In fact, making the right choice should require you considering more than just freebies and will take a little bit of research on your part.

The first check you should make is concerning how easy it is to find out information about the company running the online casino. the most obvious place to look would be the ‘About Us’ page on the website, which should hold information concerning the software used on the site, where the casino is licensed and contact information for customer services. As you would do with any site than involves purchasing or transferring money, you need to be sure of the reputability of the site before you enter any payment details. Another point to check out would be how the payout percentages are audited. Most online casinos have independent adjudicators who regularly prepare and publish reports on the long term payout percentages of the site.

One of the best ways to find out how good a particular online casino is would be by searching the internet for customer reviews and online ratings. If the site is well known for causing problems either because of poor software development, lack of sufficient or stringent rules, known cheating or other issues then you will be able to find out about it with a quick internet search.

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