Best Online Blackjack Casinos – Learning The Basics

Author: Aldrin Fortune

The best time to play online blackjack casino games is today where connecting to the Internet and playing online is easy as snapping your fingers. The best online blackjack casinos share the same rules as land-based blackjack casinos, so learn the basics of blackjack.

How to Play in the Best Online Blackjack Casinos: The Rules

The basic objective of the game blackjack is to get cards with a total value of 21. The cards must not go over 21. The Jack, queen and king face cards are equivalent to 10 points. The ace is equal to 1 or 11, depending on the player’s preference on which card will get a value closest to 21 points. The other cards are (logically) represented by their number.

If there is a tie or if both the player and house get the same card value, then the game is pushed and no one wins. When a player’s card gets an ace and 10, he is automatically a winner. The rate of the win is 1.5 to 1, this is trumped only when the house or another player gets the same cards (ace and 10). In real online blackjack, same as in the land-based game, each player may stand at any time.

Winning in the Best Online Blackjack Casinos

In order to win the game, you have to beat the house or the dealer without your cards going over the total value of 21. If you get more than 21, you lose the game automatically. The winner is the person closest to the value of 21 as the cards are added up.

In a land based casino, a blackjack table has 6 players and 1 dealer. Casinos use 6 or 8 cards which a dealer shuffles and puts together in a machine called a ‘shoe,’ which is an automated card dispensing box.

Wagers at the Best Online Blackjack Casinos

A wager shall be placed by a player before receiving any card from the dealer. After the players place their wagers, the dealer gives the player 2 cards, both are facing up. The dealer then gets 2 cards as well; one card is faced up and the other faced down.

After the 2 cards, each player will take turns announcing if they will stay or take more cards. When a player gets more cards, he risks closing in on the 21 value or gets busted (when he goes over 21). When the players are done with their turns, the dealer then reveals his face down card.

On rules, when the dealer gets a card of 17, then the dealer stays. On the other hand, when the player has a 16 value of cards, then the dealer must draw.

The term ‘blackjack’ means the cards’ overall value equals to 21. If a player gets an ace and 10, then he gets to what is referred as to as blackjack. When a player gets a blackjack, he gets one and half times the bet he placed. So, if he wagered $10, he gets $15!

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